‘Skills for learning’

Universities in English-speaking countries are looking for more than just academic results, important as they are. They also look for students with good language skills (which not all native speakers have!) and the ability to think critically, because these ‘skills for learning’ will be really important throughout a degree course. If you’re a native speaker of English, or a near-native speaker, the KE course in critical thinking will really help you to refine your thought processes. If you’re in the USA, you might like to work on SAT and ACT, because you will need to take one of these if you plan to study there. You have a choice of courses:

Critical thinking (all countries)

We suggest that you take this course if you’re a native speaker of English (or almost a native speaker).  This will be really valuable to you in any branch of study, as you’ll see how to distinguish good arguments from poor arguments – and produce your own more precisely and effectively.

ACT & SAT preparation (USA only)

If you’re planning to study in the United States, you’ll need to take a particular test – either ACT or SAT – to show the university just how bright you are. Both exams test English skills, but also rather more than that. This course introduces you to both exams, or gives you valuable additional practice if you’re already familiar with one of them. For this course, you should either be a native speaker of English, or pretty competent in English as your second language.

English for academic purposes (EAP) (UK only)

We recommend this course for non-native speakers who are reasonably competent in English and don’t need to take a test in it. You’ll look at four language skills and see you how you can work to improve them in preparation for university study: listening (for lectures); speaking (for seminars); reading (for set books); writing (for essays). These are really practical skills which you’ll use again and again.

Communication skills with TOEFL (USA and Canada) or IELTS (UK)

This course is designed both for students who plan to take TOEFL or IELTS, and for those who just need extra work on their communication skills in English.  Our native speaker teachers focus mainly on your listening and speaking skills – skills which will be particularly relevant and useful if you’re planning to take TOEFL (in the USA or Canada) or IELTS (in the UK).