Dates and fees, 2018

(All fees are quoted and payable in local currency)


Programmes Arrival Departure Nights Centres Fees
UK1 Monday, July 2 Monday, July 16 14 Cambridge & Durham (GBP)£3,150
UK2 Monday, July 9 Monday, July 30 21 Cambridge, St. Andrews & Durham (GBP)£4,250
UK3 Monday, July 16 Monday, July 30 14 Durham & Cambridge (GBP)£3,150
UK4 Monday, July 16 Monday, July 30 14 Cambridge & St. Andrews (GBP)£3,150
US1 Monday, July 9 Monday, July 23 14 East Coast (University of Massachusetts) (USD)$4,350
US2 Monday, July 9 Monday, July 30 21 2 weeks East & 1 week West (USD)$6,350
US3 Monday, July 16 Monday, July 30 14 West Coast (Santa Clara University) (USD)$4,350
CA1 Monday, July 23 Thursday, August 2 10 East (University of Toronto, plus tour) (CAD)$3,350
CA2 Monday, July 23 Thursday, August 12 20 East & West – complete programme (CAD)$6,650
CA3 Monday, August 2 Thursday, August 12 10 West (University of Calgary, plus tour) (CAD)$3,350
USA and Canada   Combine the two! Various combinations are possible (e.g., one week or two weeks in the USA, then a Canadian programme). Simply add the fees together: one week in the USA: USD$ 2,175

NB The fees include:

  • The complete programme as described on this website
  • Accommodation with breakfast and main meal (usually dinner) each day
  • Transfers between centres on multi-centre programmes in the UK, but not in the USA (we do include all airport transfers, also for flights between centres)
  • Transfers for arrivals and departures on dates or at times which will be advised after booking or on request
  • All applicable taxes payable by KE within the country visited
  • KE travel insurance

The fees do not include:

  • Travel between your country and the port of entry/departure in the country visited
  • Transfers between the East and West Coasts in the USA or Canada, or between the two countries
  • Any bank fees which may need to be paid
  • Lunches, unless in place of dinner
  • Accommodation before or after the stated arrival and departure dates
  • Transfers for arrivals and departures on dates or at times not specified in the information we provide
  • Passports, visas and other travel documentation

Agencies representing KE may charge additional fees to cover the costs of their services; you should check whether this is the case.