Study visits


Our study visits are an important, and very popular part of our programmes. In the UK and the USA, there are two types of study visit, depending on whether you choose the University focus (university visits) or the Discovery focus (city visits).     In Canada, we just offer the University focus.  But all KE study visits typically have two elements:

  • Visit to a university or a place of cultural interest

University study visits. We arrange visits to a range of high-ranking universities. Very often, there’s a presentation by the university admissions staff; sometimes, our staff conduct the visit, or we engage someone from the university to do this for us.

City visits. While some of the group go to a university, others see places such as the British Museum in London, Central Park in New York, the centre of 1960s culture in San Francisco…

  • General sightseeing (usually in the afternoons)

You’ll see the sights that everyone wants to see!   So if you go to the UK, you’ll see Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the Tower of London; in the USA, it may be downtown Manhattan or the Golden Gate Bridge; whereas in Canada, it’s Niagara Falls…

Introductory seminar

Just before every visit, you’ll join a seminar, usually with a powerpoint presentation. This is a really valuable introduction to what you’ll be seeing, and it shows you what to look out for. Also:

  • Because these are not conventional excursions, our special KE study visits generally don’t include visits inside places like the Tower of London – we don’t have the time for that.  But you do have the opportunity to look around the outside – and take a lot of photos!
  • The trips organised by most summer school providers tend to devote a lot of time to shopping.  We have to say that we don’t do this!  There is at least one free afternoon on every programme for shopping, but this is definitely not the focus of our study visits.

Photo tour (UK programmes)

This is a slightly different type of study visit. We use a photo competition to help you to explore the best sights of some of the places where you’re staying.