Cathedrals in the UK

Cathedrals in the UK

Cool places to visit in the UK

How about… cathedrals?  No, don’t switch off – cathedrals are cool!  Don’t compare them with visiting a technology centre or a stock exchange… or even a shopping mall.  They’re a different kind of experience, much like eating savoury food as opposed to sweet food.  Most of us like both, in different ways.

Maybe cathedrals are more savoury.  So why are they cool?  First of all, they are living examples of the way people thought and the priorities they had hundreds of years ago.  Just as it’s fascinating to find out about people from other cultures today, so it’s fascinating to speculate about cultures in the past.   Then they are, well… spectacular.  In the UK, they are usually to be found surrounded by green, from which they soar up majestically towards the sky.  And then, they are all so diverse: you can see different styles in just one building, and they are linked with different people from history and often some of the traditions of their region.

KE’s summer centre in Durham has a unique location: it’s literally next door to Durham Cathedral, one of the most famous in England.  Come and see it – you can hardly miss it!

York Minster