Decrease your chances of missing a connecting flight

Decrease your chances of missing a connecting flight

By Jacqueline Yangconnecting flight

Connecting flights can be quite a stressful ordeal but may be necessary if there are no direct flights or you simply want a cheaper option.

Airlines and flight search engines will automatically populate possible connections that allow as little as 30 minutes between flights. It may sound like a lot of time, but in reality it isn’t enough time, even if you are flying domestic.

You should aim for at least 1 hour for domestic connections and 2 hours for international flights. It’s best if you add another hour to these times as a buffer so you are not rushed and can stop to buy a snack and/or to use the restroom. Also, you need time to get your bearings to find your next gate.

If the connection time is shorter, ask yourself these things:

  • How familiar are you with the connecting airport?
  • Is it a large airport?
  • Do you need to change terminals? Is there a shuttle for this?
  • How is your fitness?
  • Do you need to go through customs?
  • Are you flying on the same airline company or a sister company?
  • Do you need to collect your checked-in baggage and then check it in again?

Remember 35 minutes to an hour may sound like a lot of time but, practically speaking, it’s no time at all when you are making a connection. Be sure to avoid missing your flight by planning accordingly!

Safe travels!


Decrease your chances of missing a connecting flight