Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow, Scotland


Glasgow is often compared with Edinburgh, just 80km away.  Edinburgh is the sophisticated capital of Scotland, a magnet for tourists from around the world.  Glasgow, however, is Scotland’s largest city, traditionally seen as more working class and industrial.  But then, when people visit Glasgow, it often seems very different from what they’d imagined.

Glasgow is in fact a major cultural centre, with some great museums and galleries.  It has a dramatic cathedral, and a large and lively city centre.  The West End of the city is very elegant, and there you’ll find Glasgow University, founded in 1451.  Many of Scotland’s most famous thinkers and prominent people throughout the ages studied there.

If you take KE’s three-week programme, you’ll be visiting Glasgow, and Glasgow University, en route between St. Andrews and Durham.  And then you’ll see that the city as a whole is not at all what you might have expected.