For those who aspire and achieve: a taste of university life in English-speaking countries

KE programmes are novel, exciting and stimulating. They’re specially designed for students aged 15-17 who like to be challenged – intellectually and creatively. Based on the campuses of leading universities in the USA and the United Kingdom, the programmes introduce students to future study at those universities, at one of the other universities which they’ll visit, or in fact at university in general. In the UK, there’s the chance to take a two-centre programme and explore both the north and the south of the country.

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Is your son or daughter, or maybe your student, planning to go to university?

This will be a huge investment – in terms both of time, and in most cases also of money. Make sure it’s the right investment! These are the questions which we think students should be asking themselves:

  1. Am I choosing the right subject, and am I preparing for it correctly?
  2. Which university would be right for me?
  3. Is it the right city for me to live in – or even the right country?

KE helps students to find answers to these questions by:

  1. Introducing them to a choice of subject area
  2. Taking them to see a selection of universities
  3. Showing life in the country and the cities visited


Is a KE programme suitable?

KE is definitely suitable for students who are looking for opportunities to:

  • Think in new ways
  • Challenge themselves
  • Meet interesting new people with ideas and imagination

Students don’t have to be committed to university study in the country visited: maybe they would just like a more focused, more rewarding summer programme. But they do need to be serious about study, and they also need a reasonable level of English. The programmes are suitable for local or international students – for whom we suggest minmum levels of English equivalent to: min. 5.5 [IELTS]/80 [TOEFL iBT]/B2 [CEF]/FCE.

KE programmes run just for 2 weeks, but they are full of activity and action. Students will be joined by bright people from different parts of the world, and often from the local area as well. Many students find friendships which continue into their university careers.

We must be honest: if you’re looking for programmes in which much of the time is spent on games and shopping, these might not be the right choice. But if you’re looking for an experience which will really change perceptions and prepare for the future, please continue.



The programmes

  • Offered in the UK and the USA, mainly in July
  • Run for two weeks during university vacations
  • May be single-centre or two-centre

Each programme includes two different types of course, each running for one week, and special features unique to KE.

Details of our dates and fees for 2020 are available here

The courses

KE offers two types of course, one more generic, one more specific, but both of them directly linked to university entrance and university study.  And each course has a major (16 hours of classroom tuition) and a minor (at least 5 hours of tuition).

On our courses pages, you’ll find detailed descriptions of all three courses, and content.

Course A – Skills for the future (first week)

The major – students choose one of three courses designed to develop, in different ways, powers of reasoning, independent thought and study, and general knowledge:

The minor – students choose one of two:

Course B – Specialist (academic) subject (second week)

The major – students choose one of four broad subject areas to explore as possible study options in the future:

The minor – preparation for university entrance, with seminars that include:

  • Choosing the right university and making a good application
  • The personal statement or essay
  • The interview
  • The practicalities of student life
  • Presentation skills

There is then supervised work on drafting a personal statement or essay, plus two 1-1 interviews.

The maximum class size is 15, but most classes are smaller than this.


Special features

In addition to the courses just mentioned, each programme includes the following special features:

  • Study visits – Beginning with a tour and, in most cases, a presentation at a leading university, study visits introduce students to a range of locations for future study, also allowing them to explore the vicinity, as well as taking in some of the sights.  All study visits are preceded by an introductory seminar.
  • Student mentors – Guidance and support from a team of carefully chosen, lively and enthusiastic students from top universities.
  • Tutorials – A weekly meeting in a small group in which students discuss their work and progress.
  • News reviews – A look at the day’s news, with discussion.
  • Special meals, with ‘dining & etiquette’ – A formal dinner, preceded by a seminar on dining and etiquette – plus an afternoon tea in the UK.
  • Local sports and activities – A chance to take part in activities typical of the country visited, such as cricket, croquet, punting and baseball.

Study centres

With KE, students have the opportunity to live and study on the campuses in the UK and the USA, including:

UK: Cambridge and Durham, with study visits including London and York.

USA: University of Massachusetts, with study visits to New York City and Boston.


Our mission statement

‘Our mission is to provide ambitious young minds with the foundations for success in a global context. To this end, we offer life-changing experiences at centres of academic excellence across the English-speaking world, together with guidance on applying to top universities and on pursuing top careers.
Our philosophy is that success depends not just on the ability to memorise and prepare for examinations, but also on critical and independent thought, on commitment and passion, on creativity and imagination, on teamwork and debate.’

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