Many students attending a KE programme will not need a visa before they join us. Most of those who do need a visa can obtain one without too much difficulty: after you enrol, KE will give you the documents you need, and also suggest what you should do in order to obtain your visa. Every year, many students apply for a visa to attend one of our programmes, and the success rate is close to 100%.

(Please note that KE is not an immigration agency, and cannot provide general advice on immigration matters.)

The rules for visas change quite frequently, and we suggest that you check the websites of the different countries where our programmes take place for the latest information. You can usually answer some questions on the website to see what you need. Here are the links:


(NB: Even if you do not need a visa for the USA, you will need another document called ESTA which you must apply before you travel. Everyone must have either a visa or an ESTA.)

Special rules apply for students from China (PRC). Most students from China travel on a group visa – it’s quite hard for younger students to travel independently. We may be able to help individual students to join a group. Please contact our Shanghai office for more information.