Newsletter, April 2014

Newsletter, April 2014

Getting ready for the new 2014 summer season.

We are now very busy genewsletter2_1tting ready for our summer season. In the UK this year, the University of St. Andrews in Scotland is added to the list of universities at which we’ll be accommodating our students. Students can choose between two-week programmes at Oxford and York, or three-week programmes including St. Andrews. All our programmes now include two full-day trips to London, plus Edinburgh if you go to Scotland.

New for 2014 will be our programmes in the USA! Students can choose between programmes on the West Coast based at San Francisco and Los Angeles, and those on the East Coast for visits to Boston, New York and Washington. Our visits include some of the most prestigious American universities such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Berkeley and Stanford. You may also go to Silicon Valley, Disneyland and Universal Studios on the West Coast, or see the sights of New York and Washington in the East.

This year, we will have separate programmes for high school students (aged up to 18) and university students (aged 18+).

newsletter2_2New Programmes in Australia and New Zealand.

It’s not just the UK and the USA! We are also offering programmes in Australia and New Zealand. These will take place during the southern hemisphere summer break, so some time between December and February. The tours include 6 of the 8 leading universities in Australia, or all 8 of the universities in New Zealand! You will also get to see some of the most famous sights in whichever country you choose.

More students for more countries.

You may be interested to know that we are working hard to attract students from a broader range of countries to our programmes. We’ve been doing a lot of marketing in Korea, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand, and we’ll soon be looking at Europe.

newsletter2_3A motivational seminar on success.

Sam Yang, our CEO, has been very busy in Malaysia, not only talking about Kingdom Education, but also giving seminars to schools on the subject of ‘Success’. 200 students attended his seminar at Sri KL school, while another 90 came at Garden International.

Staffing for the new summer season.

A number of our staff from last year are coming back to work for us again this year. Some of you may remember our student mentors Joel from Cambridge; Chris, Kateryna, and Elizabeth from Oxford; Ellie from York; Laura from Ampleforth. Ashley, our Centre Manager in York last year, is now our UK Country Manager; Rebecca, our engineering teacher will be our Director of Studies in York; William is moving from York to Oxford; and Claudia from Ampleforth will be in St. Andrews. We would always like more to come back, but they lead complicated lives and other things happen…

Successful University results.

Last but not least… let’s not forget the main purpose behind KE’s programmes. It’s to help students choose the right course at the right university – and be accepted! We’d like to share with you just a few of these success stories from our 2013 groups:
newsletter2_4• CK has received offers from four of the universities we visit in our tours: the London School of Economics, the University of Warwick, the University of Durham and the University of Manchester.
• YSK has been offered a place at the University of Oxford.
• MYL has gained entry to medical school in the UK.
• KYS has applied to Oxford University, Imperial College London, and Duke University, for Mathematics. Attending Oxford University in October.
• JHL was accepted into and currently attending Monash University Clayton Campus in Australia, doing a double degree Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Economics.
• BC has received offers from the London School of Economics, University College London, University of Warwick, University of Bristol and University of Edinburgh. Attending the London School of Economics.
• SP has received offers from St Andrews, Bristol, Westminster (UK); Sydney, Bond, ANU and Macquarie (Australia) and Taylor’s (local Malaysia). Undecided university
Other students have applications pending for top universities including Cambridge, Imperial (London) and various medical schools.
kingdome-education-home7University applications take a long time to process, so we are expecting to hear of more successful outcomes once final decisions have been made. We expect to bring you more good news in our next newsletter!
If you visited the UK last year, how about the USA this year? The programmes there are just as varied and stimulating as those in the UK, but they have a slightly different character.