Newsletter August 2019

Newsletter August 2019

KE August newsletter

With the last of our students now back home, we at KE can now reflect on our seventh season – the summer of 2019.  These are some of the highlights:

Student feedback

It really has been overwhelmingly positive!  KE courses and university visits have been the highlights, together with students’ contacts with staff and new friends.

Some students do comment that the programme is very full.  It’s true, it is: but this is because we really want them to make the most of their experience with us.  If asked what they would take out, they often find it harder to say, because we really do try to ensure that all the components of a KE programme are valuable.

New courses

This year saw the introduction of a whole new series of courses under the general heading ‘Prepare for the Future’.  Study Skills and Research Skillswent down well, even though the latter was really quite demanding.  Our new focus on future developments, The Challenge of the Future, was great at prompting discussion and debate.

We also introduced two new minors, Practical Leadership and Teamwork, and Building Confidence, Speaking Up.  The first of these was both stimulating and highly entertaining, as students embarked upon a series of challenges, some more serious than others.  The ‘Confidence’ course was felt to be really useful for those students who were somewhat lacking in confidence at the start.

Alongside these, our long-running specialist subject courses in Business and EntrepreneurshipEngineering and TechnologyLaw, Society and International Relations, and Medical Sciences and Psychologyprobably remained the most popular of all.

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Same destinations, new directions… 

While we didn’t introduce any new study visits this year, some of our existing ones did enjoy a bit of a makeover…

For the first time this year, students attending our UK programmes all took a short cruise on the River Thames in London – from Westminster to Greenwich, going past the City of London and under Tower Bridge.  It was a universally popular experience!

Many of our students also took some trips on the London underground.  For those of us who spend a lot of time in London, this is not necessarily the best part of the London lifestyle, but a number of students commented that they really enjoyed it.  And after all, for any who might be considering study in London, it will be part of everyday life.

After a break of a few years, we were really pleased to return (with UK1) to the University of Warwick. Warwick is a relatively modern university, but it has an excellent academic reputation.

In the US, our study visit to Providence included a tour of the Rhode Island State Capitol, which introduced not only a beautiful building, but also the way federal government works in the USA.

Over in Silicon Valley, in California, students were once again able to visit both Intel and Google.  The Google trip had a slightly different slant this year, which apparently made it more entertaining for students.

Which university…?

We take students to see a range of universities, and in most cases the universities offer their own presentations.  Most are really good, some are outstanding.  It is very interesting to see a correlation between the quality of the presentation and the interest students subsequently express in applying to the university visited.  A case in point is Leeds in the UK, which everyone who goes there says does a great job.  And then we see a lot of students saying that they are now seriously thinking of applying to study there.

We were inspected…

Every two years, KE has either a full or an interim inspection by the British Accreditation Council (BAC).  This year, we had a one-day inspection at our centre in Cambridge.  While the final outcome is still to be confirmed, the inspector indicated that he really couldn’t find anything that we should be doing differently, so we are hopeful of getting the best possible result!

A new record was set… and KE students were there…

On July 25, the UK experienced its hottest day ever, and the hottest place of all was Cambridge, with 38.7 degrees.  This coincided with a photo shoot, with a number of KE volunteers.  It was great to see how fresh and enthusiastic they looked, even outside!  (Two days later, it rained all day in Cambridge… so back to normal, perhaps.)

As for 2020…

Another newsletter, coming soon…