Newsletter January 2019

Newsletter January 2019

KE January newsletter

A very happy New Year to all our readers!

We’re pleased to say that here at KE we received more bookings before Christmas this year than in any previous year.  2019 may well be very busy, so if you’re thinking of joining us, don’t wait too long before deciding!  One programme in the UK, UK3, is already full.

Just to remind you: we’re offering academic summer programmes for students aged 15-17 based on university campuses in the UK, the USA and Canada.  Students take a range of courses designed to prepare them for university entrance, and also have the chance to visit a wide selection of universities, in many cases, in different parts of the country.

KE and Kaplan

Kaplan is a large organisation offering a range of courses designed to prepare students for academic and professional life.   Sam Yang, Founder of KE, has a relationship with Kaplan dating back 20 years, and through our new partnership, we are now able to offer students substantial discounts in two quite different areas.  (Please note that prices quoted below are correct as of January, 2019, but are subject to change):

A. Courses relating to university entry

1. SAT and ACT 

SAT and ACT are two testing systems used extensively by American universities to assess students’ academic potential.   In most cases, both systems are regarded as having equal merit, and students often simply opt for the one they feel suits them better.

Kaplan offer widely-respected online courses designed to help students to prepare for one or the other of these tests.  All courses include: instructor-led video sessions, personalised study recommendations, unlimited access to course material for six months, quiz bank with online reports, plus eight full-length practice tests.  The higher-priced courses include more personalised tuition and access to more materials.

By enrolling through KE with a special promo code, students qualify for a 50% discount.  
There are three options to help students prepare for either test:

  • Self-paced course: standard price: USD299/GBP235 –
    • KE price: USD149.50/GBP117.50
  • Self-paced plus course: standard price: USD795/GBP520 –
    • KE price: USD397.50/GBP260
  • Live online essentials course: standard price: USD599/GBP470 –
    • KE price: USD299.50/GBP235

2. UCAT and BMAT

Students hoping to study medicine in the UK should look carefully at Kaplan’s courses in preparation for these two tests.  Medical schools in the UK now require prospective applicants to take one or the other of these tests to help them assess candidates’ intellectual and personal qualities. Kaplan’s online courses include: introduction from medical experts, including practising doctors, instructor-led video sessions, personalised study recommendations, unlimited access to course material, plus six full-length practice tests.   (The type of material provided for the two courses varies somewhat according to the nature of the tests.)

By enrolling through KE with a special promo code, students qualify for a 25% discount as follows: 

  • Self-study course: USD215/GBP170 –
    • KE price: USD161.25/GBP127.50

For more information on the promo codes, please contact Jessica Yang on

B.  Pathways programmes

Based on university campuses, pathway programmes (often known also as ‘foundation programmes’) are designed for international students who are not quite ready for direct entry to standard undergraduate courses.  They generally last for one year, and focus on general language improvement and more specific preparation in a broad subject area.

Kaplan runs its own pathway programmes on a number of campuses in the UK, the USA and also Australia.  Depending on the university chosen, there are a number of different options.  One leads to a Foundation Certificate, normally at the end of a one-year programme, and allows entry to the first year of a standard degree course.  Another is termed ‘International Year One’, and allows entry to the second year of a standard degree course.  The option taken will of course be linked to students’ linguistic and academic abilities and progress.

The universities for which Kaplan runs pathway programmes are currently:

UK: Aberdeen, Aston, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Brighton, City, Glasgow, Liverpool, Nottingham, Nottingham Trent, Salford, UWE, Westminster, York.

USA: Arizona State, Northeastern, Pace, Tulsa.

Australia: Adelaide and Murdoch.

If enrolling through KE, students pay the standard fees initially, but then qualify for a rebate from KE, payable towards the end of their first term of study.  In the UK, this is 10% of the fees paid; elsewhere, it varies according to the university chosen.

For more information on the Kaplan offers, and to enrol, please contact Jessica Yang on

More on pathways/foundation…

International students planning to study at university in an English-speaking country need to consider whether they are ready for direct entry or whether they need more of a staged entry.

Most students taking a KE summer programme will be focusing on direct entry.  Those who have a high level of English and a good academic background will generally take this route.  The KE programme will give them a great introduction to university, and they will see for themselves what is involved.

Some students, however, might find the sudden transition from school in their home country to the very different university environment rather challenging.   There is a lot to be said for starting off more gently, in the company of other international students, all of whom are adjusting to a new country and a new environment, as well as a different approach to study.  Universities across the English-speaking world now offer introductory courses for international students designed to make the transition easier.  This is not to say that pathway or foundation programmes are light in content: they are demanding, and a high level of commitment is expected, but the material is geared to the needs of non-native speakers of English, whereas standard undergraduate courses are not.

Kaplan is a leading provider of pathway programmes.  Remember that not all the pathways represent an extra year of study: you may benefit from an initial approach more tailored to your needs, but still qualify to enter the second year of an undergraduate degree course.

If you’re not sure which approach is right for you, do speak to your counsellor at school, or contact KE direct.