Newsletter, September 2017

Newsletter, September 2017


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2017 marked KE’s fifth season in operation.  We had another great year, with our academic summer programmes attracting students from an ever-wider range of countries.  This year, we were pleased to welcome students for the first time from Italy, Belgium, Slovakia, Nigeria, Jordan, Egypt, Indonesia, Brazil and Georgia!

There was another significant first as well: for the first time, we invited local students to join our programmes.  These students normally attend schools in the vicinity of our study centres, then during the holidays they join us just on a day basis, going home in the evenings.  But while they are with us they play a full part in all the events, thereby giving our international students valuable insights into the local educational system and way of life.  We plan to continue inviting local students to join us going forward.

What to expect in 2018…

Name change.  Yes, we’re changing our name!  Or rather, we’re going to use our initials ‘KE’ rather more than the words ‘Kingdom Education’ – so the change is not really dramatic.  It would seem that the full name has sometimes led people to associate us with other organisations with which we actually no have no link at all.  ‘KE’ should avoid that problem.

One age group.  From now on, we’ll be catering just for one age group: 15-17.  We’ve seen that the median age of our students is invariably 16, and the programmes are really designed for students with a year or two remaining before they make a choice of university.  14 is perhaps a little young, while at 18 most students should already have made a decision.   This change means that we have been able to simplify the number of programmes we offer.Canada_top-deals_en-fr

New programmes in Canada.  Canada is undoubtedly growing in popularity as a destination for international students.  This year, we ran our second, fairly small-scale programme in Canada, and for next year we’re planning to expand.  A new operation based in the East of Canada, and taking in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, will give students the chance to explore their options in that part of the country – and it will be possible to combine a stay there with a version of our current programme in the West, which introduces students to Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.  It will also be possible to combine Canada with the USA.

What will happen next…

Website and brochure – we are steadily updating them: they should be finished soon.

Enrolments for 2018 – we will be open for enrolments in the near future.

Our programme of visits – we will be in touch with many of our contacts to discuss possible times for a visit, and perhaps a presentation.



Newsletter, September 2017