Newsletter October 2018 (part 2)

Newsletter October 2018 (part 2)

For the first time, this is our second newsletter in one month.  But there’s a lot happening…   Last time, we summarised the events of the summer season just gone, and now we’d like to tell you about our exciting new offerings for the summer season to come!

KE programmes, 2019

So, what’s new?

The biggest changes concern our courses.

First of all, we’ve created a system of ‘majors’ and ‘minors’.  We have three sets of courses, A, B and C, and all of them include a major (16 hours of tuition) and a minor (5 hours).  For the majors, there’s a choice of subjects.

Course A has as its major ‘Logic or language’.  Here students choose between courses which we’ve been running for some years now: Critical thinking; Academic language skills (UK); Preparation for SAT and ACT (USA); Communication skills with TOEFL (USA).  Our new minor is called Building confidence, speaking up!

Course B is entirely new.  For the major, we’ve grouped together three exciting new choices as ‘Prepare for the future!’  These are the options:

  • Study skills. This course takes students through the changes of approach needed as they transition, around the age of 16, to the IB Diploma, A levels or similar courses leading to the culmination of their school career.   It serves admirably as a ‘pre-IB’ course, but it’s also designed to prepare all students at the same stage for the academic challenges of school post-16.
  • Research skills. This course focuses on students who are perhaps a year or so older, and there is particular reference to the IB extended essay.  But again, it’s really useful for a wide range of students, as we consider the skills needed for independent study beyond school.
  • The challenge of the future. This rather different course invites students to consider the changes we can expect in work, study and society in general over the coming decades.  It takes the problems seriously, but in a spirit of positivity encourages students to see how they can be part of the solutions.

The minor here is Practical leadership and teamwork.

Course C has as its major our familiar introductions to Specialist (academic) subjects.  The choice is between: Business and entrepreneurship; Engineering and technology; Law, society and interntional relations; and Medical sciences and psychology.  For the minor, there’s a choice between Applying for university, with work on personal statements/essays and interviews, and a new option ‘Expression and impression’, a look at the local culture of the country, including pop culture.

Finally, students will be invited to choose between our University focus, with study visits to universities, and our Discovery focus, with city visits.

So now what has not changed?  Fortunately not the KE commitment to giving students a great experience which is both hugely valuable and at the same time really enjoyable!   But, more specifically, our study centres stay the same, except in Canada (see below); our programme of study visits is also largely unchanged.   The programmes as a whole remain full of lively and engaging activity!


For 2019, we’re offering one 11-day programme, with our main centre at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.  Queen’s is one of Canada’s oldest and best-known universities, and Kingston is a charming town on the shores of Lake Ontario, exactly half-way between Montreal and Toronto.   The programme actually starts with a two-night stay at McGill University in Montreal and concludes with a two-night stay at the University of Toronto.  In addition to taking our Course C at Queen’s, students visits no fewer than nine top universities.

As always, full details of all our programmes are on our website, and enrolments can be made online.  You can also download a copy of our brochure from the website, and that gives a really succinct summary of what we’re offering.

Early-bird discounts

We’d really like to encourage early enrolments, and so this year we’re offering a 10% discount on all enrolments received by January 14, 2019.   This applies to all our programmes, in every country.  If you know you’d like to join us, don’t delay – apply now!