We have three types of course, each lasting one week, and each with a major (16 hours of classroom time, plus project work) and a minor (5 hours).

If you’re joining us for a programme in the UK or the USA, we ask you to choose between our University focus and our Discovery focus.  Most of the course material is the same whichever you choose, but part of Course C and our study visits are a little different.

University focus – You join our seminars on gaining entry to a top university in the country visited, with practice in drafting a personal statement or essay, and two 1-1 interviews; you also visit a number of leading universities, in most cases, with presentations.

Discovery focus – You explore the film, music and art of the country visited; on city visits, you see a varied selection of the leading attractions.

When you arrive to start your programme, you’ll take a test to confirm that the choice you’ve made is suitable for your level of English.

Course A

Logic or language

You choose one of two or three options, in part dependent on your level of English.  These courses may help you to think more critically and carefully, or possibly help you in your use of language; they may even help you to pass an examination!

Course B

Prepare for the future!

Choose one of three options, all of them helping you to make good choices in the future, and to succeed with those choices.  One is relevant to students starting IB, A levels or similar, the others to those focusing on extended essay and research work.

Course C

Specialist (academic) subject

Your choice of four broad subject areas in which you might wish to study at university in the future – or which you just happen to find interesting.