We have two types of course, each lasting one week.  Each course has a major (16 hours of classroom tuition) and a minor (at least 5 hours of tuition or practice).

Course A

Skills for the future (first week)

This course helps you to develop your powers of reasoning, your ability to study independently and effectively, and your general knowledge.  These generic skills are really important in successful applications to top universities.  The emphasis differs from course to course, and you choose the one which appeals most to you.

Course B

Specialist (academic) subject (second week)

Your choice of four broad subject areas in which you might wish to study at university in the future – or which you just happen to find interesting. At the end of the course, you’ll have a much idea whether this is what you what to study, what specifically you might like to study, and where it might lead in the future – plus a great talking point for applications!