Course B

Your major: Prepare for the future!

All our courses have a major (16 hours’ classroom tuition per week) and a minor (5 hours’ classroom tuition per week). For Course B, there is a choice of major.

As you proceed through the latter stages of your education, so you move quite quickly from one mode of study to another.  The future is always on the horizon, and you need to prepare for it!

Study skills

At the age of about 16, you are very likely to be starting a new kind of course: maybe one leading to the IB Diploma, A levels, or perhaps a national diploma.  Study becomes rather more concentrated, and you have to present more of your own ideas. This KE course in study skills helps you make this transition, and it really takes you on a 2-year or 3-year journey: from setting your goals, through making the most of different types of learning, right through to preparing for the final exams.  And all the time asking, not what’s right for everyone, but what’s right for you.

Research skills

Then, as you come closer to 18, so you need to start thinking more about the expectations of universities.  The style of teaching and learning changes significantly: you need to work more independently, and you need to find out a lot of information by yourself.  If you’re doing IB, the extended essay is a bridge leading to this new approach, and the KE course in research skills helps you prepare for this, as well as helping other students prepare for the independent research which is such an important component of university study.

The challenge of the future

For those who are less focused on specific skills, there is an exciting alternative.  The challenge of the future invites you to consider the developments we can expect in technology and in society over the next few decades.  We look at the challenges, and possible ways of confronting them.  What impact will the changes have on your future career, and possibly before that on the choices you make for university?

Your minor: Practical leadership and teamwork

Associated with this course is a lively series of activities which we call Practical leadership and teamworkWork with others on achieving tasks in a particular project, and experience what it’s like to take the lead, and to work effectively in a team.