Course A

Your major: Skills for the future

All KE courses have a major with 16 hours of classroom tuition per week, plus a minor with at least 5 hours of tuition or practice.

You have three choices here, and all of them are designed to help you improve your chances of being successful in getting into and in doing well at university – and even before that while you are still at high school.  They are suitable for all students, regardless of their subject interests.  They will all help with your powers of reasoning, your ability to study effectively, and your general awareness of the world around you – evidence of which university admissions counsellors are sure to appreciate.  But there are obvious differences of emphasis between the three courses, so choose the one which seems most useful and most interesting to you.

Critical thinking

We suggest that you take this course if you’re a native speaker of English (or almost a native speaker).  This will be really valuable to you in any branch of study, as you’ll see how to distinguish good arguments from poor arguments – and produce your own more precisely and effectively.

Advanced skills for study and research

The style of teaching and learning changes significantly: you need to work more independently, and you need to find out a lot of information by yourself.  If you’re doing IB, the extended essay is a bridge leading to this new approach, and the KE course in study and research skills helps you prepare for this, as well as helping other students prepare for the independent research which is such an important component of university study.

The challenge of the future

For those who are less focused on specific skills, there is an exciting alternative.  The challenge of the future invites you to consider the developments we can expect in technology and in society over the next few decades.  We look at the challenges, and possible ways of confronting them.  What impact will the changes have on your future career, and possibly before that on the choices you make for university?

Your minor: Practical leadership and teamwork

Here you make a choice after you arrive.  It’s between ‘Building confidence, speaking up’, and ‘Practical leadership and teamwork’.

As the name suggests, the first of these is really designed to help people who may be a little shy to gain confidence very gradually, through a series of carefully designed steps.

The leadership courses focuses on a series of challenges, with everyone taking the lead at some point.  It’s more suitable for those who are already pretty confident, and like taking on a leading role!