Course B

Your major: Specialist (academic) subjects

All KE courses have a major with 16 hours of classroom tuition per week, plus a minor with at least 5 hours of tuition or practice.

Included on all our programmes is the course which is probably the highlight for many of our students: this is where you have the chance to try out a subject area which you may not be studying at school at present, but which you may like to study at university in the future.  The material is based on the kind of work you will be doing when you start at university, but the approach is very much hands-on – you learn by doing: for example, from designing something and getting it to work in engineering and technology, to working on an idea for a new business in business and entrepreneurship.

The special value of this type of course is as follows:

  • You can get a feel for whether this is the right subject for you.  You know how you feel about mathematics and history, because you’ve studied them at school.  But what about medicine or law?  How do you know for sure unless you try?
  • If you do decide to study the particular subject, you’ll be in an excellent position if you’re asked at interview why you’re interested in it: you’ve already tested it, you know what it involves, and you know you like it.

Your minor: Preparation for university entrance

All our students take part in a series of seminars focused on making a good application to the right university, and then making a success of life when you get there.