Business & entrepreneurship

How does economic theory

relate to the real world?

What’s it like to set up

and run a business?

How do I know whether

I’m made to be an entrepreneur?

If you’re thinking of a business career, this course will help you to decide the area of study most suited to you. You’ll find out more about what economists study and the practical skills you’ll need in business.   You’ll also decide for yourself whether successful business people and entrepreneurs are born or made – and where you might find a role.


The world of business

You start by considering the realities of business life, and what it may be like to manage a business.  You’ll also be looking at how business is studied now at university level.



What are the skills you’ll need to be a successful entrepreneur, and can they be learnt? If so, how, and where? You’ll also explore the concept of innovation.


Business resources

For a business to succeed, very different sets of resources have to be in place: technological, physical, human, financial.  What are the implications of getting them all to work together effectively?


Finance and banking

Here you’ll be looking at the roles these sectors play in the economy and at the opportunities you might have within them. What sort of skills do you need for successful study in this area – and for professional success further on?


Marketing and branding

Marketing covers a really broad area, and you’ll be exploring some of the main concepts, together with related issues such as branding and advertising. You may want to consider focusing on this area early on, or perhaps starting off with a broader course of study.


Government policy and international trade

The focus here will be the different ways in which governments can and do affect economies, also the success of individual companies. You’ll take a particular look at some key concepts underlying international trade.


Business big and small

In this unit, you’ll be thinking about the factors behind business success and, taking real-life examples, you’ll see why some small businesses become big – and others fail! What is the best pathway for the successful business person of the future?


Business project

Now it’s over to you and your classmates to think of a business idea that will work. But can you sell it to your fellow students? You’ll find out in an end-of-course presentation!