Dining and etiquette

KE would like to introduce you to elegant and stylish living! For this reason, you have, as one of the special features of your programme, the chance to learn something about dining and etiquette…

  • Formal dinner. You take part in a formal dinner at some point during each of our programmes. For this, we ask you to dress up in your finest clothes! Boys should bring a suit and a tie, girls a smart dress or similar. You are then served a three-course dinner, complete with an elegant table setting.
  • Traditional afternoon tea. In the UK, at around 5pm, you will be served a variety of teas, cakes and sandwiches; you will also have the chance to try some different types of tea.   (Please note: this is just offered once per programme – English people, even the most traditional, don’t actually take this type of afternoon tea every day!)
  • Seminar on dining and etiquette. In case you’re worried… we don’t just throw you into these activities! Before you have the dinner or the tea, you take part in a seminar on dining and etiquette, in which we show you how to enjoy these pursuits as sophisticated ladies and gentlemen. (The tone of the seminar is not too serious, but it is seriously useful!)