Sports and activities

The sports and activities that we offer you on a KE programme are a little different from those you might be expecting!  We’d like you to try some of the pastimes typical of the country in which you’re staying.


Cricket is offered mainly in England.  It can be played by males and females, and is quite easy to play at a basic level. You play with plastic bats and softer balls than are used in real cricket matches.


Possibly the gentlest sport in the world, croquet is a traditional English pursuit.  It’s very simple to play, and is always popular with our students.


If you’ve seen pictures of gondolas in Venice, this gives you an idea of what punting is like.  We include punting in Cambridge, and it’s a very relaxing activity, which also provides wonderful views of some of the Colleges.

Touch rugby

Rugby is a pretty tough, physical game, but touch rugby is a much safer game (though still energetic).  It’s a popular social game, played by males and females together.


Baseball is one of the most popular games in the USA.  At a high level, it can be quite aggressive, but at the level we play it (softball), it’s much safer.  Males and females can play together.  A similar game to baseball is called rounders, and it’s played more in the UK.

Morning run

If you’re interested, we encourage you to get some early morning exercise.   If you prefer to stay in bed a little longer – no problem!