• A 11-day programme, with a 2-night stay in Montreal at the start, and then a 2-night stay in Toronto at the end.

  • Our main centre, for 7 nights in the middle, is Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.

  • Accommodation in Montreal is at McGill University, and then at Toronto University at the end.

  • Universities visited include: McGill, Concordia, Ottawa, Carleton, Queen’s, Toronto, York, Waterloo and McMaster.


Our main centre: Queen’s University, Kingston

Queen’s is one of the oldest universities in Canada and is very well-regarded.  We chose it because the campus is undoubtedly one of the most attractive of all the Canadian universities, and it’s ideally situated within walking distance of the city centre of Kingston, a very appealing place on the shores of Lake Ontario – which is also just a short walk away.  Kingston is exactly half-way between Toronto and Montreal.  As Kingston is quite a small place, it’s perhaps not surprising that most the University’s students are from out of town.

Entrance requirements for Queen’s are quite high.  It has particularly strengths in law, medicine and business, and has an enviable record for future career prospects.  One unusual distinction is that it offers students the chance to take part of their course in the UK, where it’s based at a castle which was actually bequeathed to the University by a wealthy alumnus.

Our accommodation at Queen’s is modern and air-conditioned.  Classes take place on campus, and everywhere is within easy reach.   During our stay, there will also be an introduction by the University in case our students are interested returning there for a full degree programme in the future.

Kingston – the city (population: 130,000)

Kingston is about half way between Toronto and Montreal, and partly for this reason it was once chosen as the capital of Canada.  However, it only held this position for three years (1841-44), and whereas places like Toronto and Montreal have turned into big cities, Kingston has retained its small town feel.  In part because it’s one of the older towns in Canada, the centre has a lot of attractive buildings, many built of limestone, and these have given it the name ‘the limestone city’.

Kingston is right on the shores of Lake Ontario, one of the Great Lakes.  The lakeside location is very appealing, and thousands of tourists visit every summer and perhaps take a trip to one of the many islands in the vicinity.  These are in fact known as the ‘Thousand Islands’, actually shared with the USA on the southern shores of the lake.  While you are in Kingston, you’ll take a short ferry ride to one of the islands.  Just to the east of Kingston, the Lake comes to an end, and the great St. Lawrence River flows out of it at the start of a long journey to the Atlantic Ocean.

Kingston has a number of important buildings, many of which you’ll be able to visit one afternoon as we explore the city in greater depth.  In fact, there are 22 places in Kingston which are on Canada’s List of National Historic Sites.  These range from military fortifications to grand old mansions.

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Included tours in Canada

Our Canadian programme is a little different in that it includes two short tours, one at the beginning and one at the end. For full details, please see ‘Study visits’. These are the highlights:

The first tour begins with two nights in the largest French-speaking city in Canada, Montreal. We will be staying in a residence of McGill University. We then travel to Kingston, stopping off in Ottawa, the capital of Canada.

Highlights of the tour include:

• Montreal city and the St. Lawrence River

• Ottawa and the Canadian Parliament

• University visits: McGill University, Concordia University, Ottawa University, Carleton University

The second tour includes two nights in Toronto, Canada’s largest city. We will be staying in a residence of the University of Toronto.

Highlights of the tour include:

• City tour of Toronto

• Niagara Falls

• University visits: University of Toronto, York University, Waterloo University and McMaster University

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