Our Durham centre – St. Chad’s College, University of Durham

Our centre in Durham is one of the University’s colleges – St. Chad’s College. Founded in 1904, St. Chad’s is an independent College within the University and located directly opposite the magnificent Durham Cathedral in the city centre. St Chad’s is actually situated in a UNESCO World Heritage Site – Durham Cathedral and Castle. The whole area around the Cathedral forms part of this site, and it’s known as ‘the bailey’. The bailey is a hill above the beautiful valley of the River Wear. It really is a perfect location!

St. Chad’s consists of several grand old houses which have been joined together to create the College. At the back is an attractive garden. The accommodation is in single or twin-share rooms, but every room has an en suite bathroom. Because the accommodation is older-style, all the rooms are a little different from one another.

The teaching takes place in St. Chad’s. As classrooms, we use mainly the very attractive small libraries which are a well-known feature of the College. Breakfast and dinner are taken in the College’s traditional dining hall. For lunch, you will have the opportunity to walk into the city centre, where there is plenty of choice.

Please note: Kingdom Education organises accommodation, meals and classrooms with our host colleges/universities.  But we arrange our own courses, and these are completely independent of the colleges/universities.

Durham – the city (population: 45,000; location: in North-East England, about 400km north of London)

Durham is home to one of the most spectacular sights in the UK: the great Cathedral standing on a hill above the green valley of the River Wear.  Durham Cathedral is a largely Norman (Romanesque) building dating mainly from the 11th and 12th centuries (it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site).  Entry is free, and the enormous interior is impressive even to those who don’t normally like cathedrals!  Next to the Cathedral is Durham Castle, and in the surrounding streets you’ll find some of the buildings which form part of the University – including our centre, St. Chad’s College.

Durham is also famous as a university city. Durham University was the first university to be founded in England after Oxford and Cambridge.  Traditionally, it’s been seen ever since as the third most prestigious university in England.  Like Oxford and Cambridge, it’s a collegiate university, divided into 16 colleges, each with its own character and traditions.  The colleges – some traditional, others more modern – are to be found in many places around the city.  In total, Durham has around 16,000 students.  Durham has a strong reputation across most subject areas, but is particularly well-known for natural sciences.