Three tips for your first week of college in the US

Three tips for your first week of college in the US

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KE student mentor

(current undergrad attending University of California, Irvine)

The first week of college, at least at UC Irvine, is a week without any classes. During this week all the incoming freshmen are trying to find groups and clubs where they can fit in, and all the older students are trying to recruit freshmen into their clubs. It can be very stressful and overwhelming at times, but here are some tips to get you through it.

  1. Settle into your dorm:

You should first get comfortable in your dorm and meet your roommate and other suite/hall mates. Remember all these people are also incoming freshmen and just like you are trying to make new friends.

  1. Go to club fairs:

Usually during the first week or two there is at least one big club fair where all the clubs at the college will show up and try to recruit incoming freshmen. You can go with your roommate or other people you may know or just go on your own. Walk around and sign up for everything that seems interesting to you:​ the more clubs you put your name down for, ​the more options you have.

  1. Find your classes:

You should have a schedule of classes that you are taking when you get to college. You should walk around the college campus and try to find every class you have either on your own or with some friends. Try going through a normal day of classes and seeing how you will get from each class to the next.

Good luck with your first week of college. Hopefully it will go smoothly and will lead to an enjoyable first year.


Three tips for your first week of college in the US