About us

As the title suggests, this section gives some background information about KE, the goals to which it aspires, and the people who work for it.

The KE Foundation was established by one very enterprising family. The Yangs, originally from Taiwan, but now resident largely in Los Angeles, have a background both in business and in education.  KE aims to present to large numbers of young people the opportunities they have for university study, perhaps in English-speaking environments. It is a non-profit/not-for-profit organisation (UK and USA).

The KE Foundation is actually associated with the Yang Foundation, also created by the Yang family, and dedicated to supporting not only academic education, but also sporting achievements in cricket, golf, swimming and more.

The key factors which make KE’s programmes unique are summed up in the 10-point difference. You may be interested to read more about our staff and our history. We then specify our official accreditation for the UK. In our FAQ section, we try to think of all the points we haven’t covered somewhere else! The newsletter contains our latest message to our friends and contacts, normally prepared every two months. Finally, we have some comments from our students and their parents.

People interested in working for KE are invited to contact us on jobs@kefoundation.org.