10-point difference

The KE 10-point difference

What’s different about KE? We’ve summarised the difference in these ten points:


We have an atmosphere in which bright students can interact purposefully with other bright students, sharing ideas and aspirations. In many cases, some of these students will come from the local area. _________ _________ _________ _________ _________


You can experience campus life at some of the most famous universities in three English-speaking countries: the UK, the USA and Canada.


Many of our programmes give you the opportunity to spend time in more than one centre. In this way, you see many different facets of the country visited. Each of our programmes is made up of separate, one-week courses.


Our programmes are full of stimulating intellectual activity. Each of our three, one-week courses has a major and a minor. Majors are described below. Minors include: Building confidence, speaking up! and Practical leadership and teamwork.


Under Logic or language, you have a choice between: critical thinking; preparation for SAT and ACT (USA only); academic language skills (UK only); communication skills with TOEFL (USA only).


We have an exciting series of new courses, entitled ‘Prepare for the future!’. The options are Study skills, Research skills and The challenge of the future.


In our third series of courses, you’ll be introduced to university study in a choice of academic subjects (business & entrepreneurship; engineering & technology; law, society & international relations; medical sciences & psychology).


In the UK and the USA, we invite you to choose between our University focus and our Discovery focus. The University focus includes visits to leading universities and work on university entrance. The Discovery focus includes a varied selection of city visits and ‘Expression and impression’, a look at local popular culture.


You can take part in activities typical of the country visited (e.g. golf, cricket, baseball). We also have a formal dinner, preceded by a seminar on dining and etiquette. In the UK, there is also an afternoon tea.


We expect a positive and participatory approach on the part of all our students, group leaders and staff. Included on our staff are a team of carefully-selected local mentors.