What is the BAC?  Please see the following extracts from the BAC website:

‘BAC accreditation is a globally recognised mark of quality achieved through an objective, detailed audit of (an institution’s) processes, policies and systems.’

‘BAC is widely recognised as the most experienced, rigorous and independent accreditation service for the private education sector.’

‘(BAC) accreditation is recognised by the UK… Home Office as a qualifying requirement for institutions wishing to enrol students on Student Visitor visas.’

For more information, please see the BAC website:

Accredited by the British Accreditation Council for Independent Further and Higher Education as a Short Course Provider. Accreditation covers courses delivered in the UK only.

The BAC carries out regular checks on educational establishments such as KE.   Their most recent, full accreditation inspection of KE took place in July, 2017.

The inspection included a check on 83 separate areas of KE’s operations.   In each case, a certain standard was looked for, and this was said to be ‘met’, ‘partially met’ or ‘not met’.  KE was said to have met the standard in all 83 areas.

Here are some extracts from the BAC report (the full report is expected to be available on the BAC website, possibly under our old name, ‘Kingdom Education’).

There is a strong ethos, which is to provide an enriching educational experience for young people.

Staff are highly experienced and there is a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities, particularly those relating to welfare. Consequently staff understand well the support that needs to be provided to participants.

The timetable is carefully programmed to blend educational activities with cultural and recreational activities thus meeting the objectives clearly set out by the founders.

Providing an educational experience to help students develop independent learning skills in readiness for pursuing higher education courses is the main objective of the founders. This is effectively accomplished through courses which are designed to stimulate thought and intelligent inquiry by participants.

Well qualified trainers have appropriate subject knowledge, are engaging and effective in their approach to course delivery by encouraging participants to ask good questions.

Teaching staff are readily available to participants outside class time.

Pastoral support and guidance is provided by all staff, including student mentors in each centre. The pastoral support is of a very high standard and every effort is made to ensure that participants enjoy a safe and rewarding experience free from danger and abuse. If a potential threat is identified, swift and appropriate action is taken. Participants speak highly of the excellent quality of the support they receive.

Programme content ensures that participants are fully occupied for the duration of their course and are enthusiastically supported by the Provider’s staff.

An appropriate social programme is offered, which involves interesting cultural and recreational activities. It is fully supervised by the Provider’s staff who encourage active participation and is well received by the participants.

Innovative programme content effectively encourages critical thinking.

The Provider employs a strong team of senior and student mentors. The mentors are able to communicate effectively at an appropriate level with the participants. A strong ethos of well-being is evident in all educational, cultural and recreational activities, as well as the provision of a high standard of residential care.