Letter from the Principal and Academic Manager

I’m very pleased to be writing this introduction to KE’s Summer Programmes.

Before coming to KE, I spent a number of years setting up and managing short, summer programmes for international students (I’d also been principal of a language school preparing students for university entry).  For some time, I’d been looking for a ‘different kind of summer programme’: programmes which are more challenging, more exciting, more appropriate for students with high aspirations than those offered by dozens of other schools and companies – which are often fun, but perhaps not always very useful.

And then I was fortunate enough to be invited to act as Principal and Academic Manager at KE.  There was certainly a big difference! What is offered here really is a very different kind of summer programme.  The programmes we provide are full of varied activity, but they’re also very practical: they’re designed to make a significant difference to your chances of success. We just ask for… ideas, energy, enthusiasm – and a desire to spend some time with others who also enjoy thinking and debate.

With a really wide choice of courses, delivered in three English-speaking countries, and with a really wide choice of great places to visit, KE is a provider of truly unique summer programmes.

To find out more, please look at the various pages elsewhere on this website; contact us if you have any questions.  And join us in your next summer break!

Peter Chapple, MA (Cantab), Postgraduate Certificate in Education
Principal and Academic Manager, KE Foundation

October, 2017