Quotes from students, staff, parents and group leaders

(Extracts from our 2017 inspection by the British Accreditation Council can be seen here.)


My daughter arrived thrilled with her experience (with the) KE Foundation. She loved every moment: the new friends, the staff, the colleges, the universities, the tutorial classes…. everything! It definitely helped her to decide about the courses and the universities she will apply to. I believe it was the most amazing experience in her life!

Parent, Portugal

This academic summer school program was really an eye-opening experience. I was given first-hand experience of numerous Russell Group universities; and all the lessons are in the UK-university-style lecture format with classmates from around the world, giving me the idea of the mode of study here in UK. More importantly, there are many subjects in the first week of the program, that is not provided in secondary school like medicine, law and engineering. After the program, I confidently chose law for my tertiary education and the 5 university choices in UK.

Student, UK2

‘She is interactive and friendly.  An overall amazing experience.  I learned a lot about medicine.’

Student, UK4

‘This was an all-round, fantastic experience for me, and KE seems like a wonderful program.’

‘Everything was great, and this year was even better than last.’

Teachers, UMass

On Critical thinking:
‘The teacher is enthusiastic and passionate.  I’ve learnt a lot.’

‘The content of the course was very mind-blowing and out of the box. I enjoyed it!’

‘Very intriguing and inspiring course, eye-opening and entertaining.’

‘The teacher has been an inspiration for me and the course broadened my mind.’

Students, UK1 & UK4

(Engineering): ‘The teacher is amazing.  Really learnt many things.   Definitely would help my career.’

(Critical thinking): ‘It is an honor to be in this class, and I am so glad that I chose it.’

Students, US7

Visiting the campus ultimately played a small role in deciding my university choices, being able to get the vibe of those universities made choosing my universities much easier. The introductory law course KE provided helped me realise that this wasn’t the course for me. Thereafter, in my A levels, I was able to make a much more decisive decision on my subject choices since I was sure of the field I was interested in. This saved me from the awkward situation of odd subject combinations.
On a personal level, KE actually motivated me to work harder. Exposing me to top tier universities like Oxford university and being able to talk to those graduates made me realise that my dream of receiving a world class education can be realised. Even though I ultimately decided to apply to Cambridge, much of the motivation to be admitted into Oxbridge still persisted.

Student, UK4

I would like to thank KE programme for helping me to understand my capability and interest in choosing university courses in the future. Through this meaningful programme, I successfully discover the course that I would like to pursue in the future, which is sport science/psychology .  I learnt to improve my English proficiency and met a lot of friends from different countries. They taught me a lot of things and I had fun throughout the programme.  Last but not least, through this programme I understood that we should not choose university based on ranking but based on our subject interest.

Student, UK1

‘Rapport and good relations between leadership and staff make all the difference.’

‘KE is doing a phenomenal job!’

Teachers, UK

‘KE was a great experience for me, and I think my time here will help me in achieving my future career goals.’

‘It was great to work for KE.  The directors really cared about the interests of the students.’

Student mentor, UMass

‘He came back on Friday and told us that learning was so different in UK and he really enjoyed the environment, campuses, tours, classes, fellow students and the fantastic people from KE. I think this is going to be a life-long memorable experience for him. He has also broadened his horizons, got new inspirations and this will definitely help him prepare himself better to face the challenges of the changing world… Definitely, we would be happy to recommend KE to our friends and relatives who are interested in sending their children for an overseas learning experience.’

Parents, Macau

‘Working for KE has been a positive cultural, social, intellectual experience.  I felt welcomed, supported, encouraged as part of the KE family.  I am infinitely grateful for this opportunity, and would be honoured to return.’

Teacher, UK

‘The summer programme by KE is excellent. It is professional from logistic arrangement to curriculum design.’

JM, Group Leader, Hong Kong

‘In those 3 weeks, besides having tons of fun and making lots of friends, I really learned a lot (not going to list them out or else this email will be 2 pages long) from many different people and most importantly experienced things that would not have been possible to experience had I decided to join a normal summer program. I realised that the experience I gained not only aided me in my understanding and appreciation of UK college life but also provided me valuable lifelong memories.’

EC, Taiwan

‘…an incredibly enriching place along with amazing time and positive experience. He not only learned new skills, and met new people, but his confidence soared and he is looking forward to another summer of challenge in 2015!… J also reminded us to thank the “great KE Team” for making everything so smooth and professional from the time of his arrival until his departure.’

Parents, Macau

‘K had a wonderful time, learning about UK culture, visiting various universities that she is interested in applying to, and taking engineering classes. We are most happy to know that K made many good friends and that her confidence grew through the program. Thank you for giving K an excellent opportunity to prepare her for university in UK and for making the future direction clearer to her this summer.’

Parents of international school student, Japan